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Pine Ridge


Immersion on a Native American Reservation

Courses Offered

  • NUR 410/411 Community Health I and II (BSN Completion Course)
  • NUR 701-703 Practicum Experiences (Doctor of Nursing Practice Program)


Courses and practicum on the Pine Ridge Reservation typically range from 5 to 8 days and are offered at different times of the year. While immersions are usually scheduled in October, April or May, there are occasional opportunities to visit the Reservation in January or February. All immersions on the Pine Ridge highlight community strengths and resources within the cultural context of reservation life, economic resources, politics, and traditional Lakota values. Indeed, engagement in the life of the community and critical reflection and dialogue with members of the community are key to fostering relationships and professional and personal growth. Participant-observation is arranged individually and collectively and opportunities are provided to collaborate with local health care professionals, artists, elders, and other community members.


Faculty and Contacts

Marta Aleman (


Space is limited, so please contact Colleen Hagerman ( early if you are interested in enrolling in courses or practicum offered on the Pine Ridge Reservation.