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External Scholarships


First Years

Travelers Edge Scholarship Program: $12,500 per year

Travelers Edge Scholarship Program supports students throughout their college experience. Students are provided internships, mentors, and financial support. Students build professional skills, explore careers within their majors, and can find a career during their senior year or after graduation. Travelers Edge Scholarship Program is a great experience to expand your network.

To learn more about the Travelers Edge Scholarship Program visit:

Applications are currently close, but they will open in December 2021.  Application:

Juniors & Seniors

Sankofa Circle Fellowship Scholarship: $5,000

The Sankofa Circle Fellowship Scholarship allows students in their third or fourth year of college to build leadership skills based on Afrocentric principles. Students are connected with pan-afrikan professionals and mentors. Mentors and professionals help students build and grow their networks. Students are allowed to attend conferences out of state to speak about social justice and change. Another important benefit is students are also awarded $500 towards textbooks.

To learn more about the Sankofa Circle Fellowship and apply visit:

Minnesota Scholarships

PAGE Grant: $2,000 per year

PAGE Grant connects students with volunteering and community work. Most volunteering is done with children between the ages of 5 to 12 years old. Other volunteering are offered as well. Students are required to complete 50 hours of volunteer or community work. If you are interested in PAGE Grant visit: Page Education Foundation

Sources For Scholarships

Looking for extra scholarships! Here are sources with scholarships that may fit your interests:

  5. UNCF