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Pan-Afrikan Center Mission

Pan-Afrikan Center at Augsburg University promotes programs that support the personal, social and academic success of students of African descent. Our programs focus on exploring Black identity, education, advocacy, and community building. We strive to develop leaders that will contribute to social progress, democracy and create sustainable changes in our communities.


Pan-Afrikanism at Augsburg University

Pan-Afrikanism is an intellectual and political movement that grew out of the Afrikan Diaspora. Created through the slave trade, Pan-Afrikanism addresses the natural and spiritual conditions resulting from racism, colonialism, and oppression. Pan-Afrikanism unites and reunites the cultures of the continent and utilizes the vast diversity of human resources to edify humanity. The use of the “k” in the spelling of Afrika is intentional and represents self-definition.

Photo of hands being held at the Million Man March in 1995
Million Man March – 1995