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Vacant - Regional San

Pan- Afrikan Center Director: Vacant

Oyate Commons Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Office Location: Oyate’ Commons (2C Suite), Christensen Center





Assistant Dean of Students
Director of Pan-Asian Student Services
Phone: (612) 330-1530

Office Location: 2B Suite, Christensen Center
Hometown: Wausau, Wisconsin

Hli Vang was born and raised in Wisconsin and relocated to Minnesota in 2010. She has over a decade of professional experience utilizing high impact educational practices for diverse populations in both academic and student affairs with strong emphasis on Asian American students. Hli identify herself as an Hmong-American.

Hli is a mother of 3, a caretaker, sister, aunt, daughter, wife and a caretaker, sister, aunt, daughter, wife and duties as assigned ;). She enjoys traveling and quality time with her family and friends. She loves Kapoon (Southeast Asian red curry) soup and believes in life long learning!

Jada lewis

Multicultural Life Program Assistant



Direct line to  Pan-Afrikan Center: (612) 330 -1022

Direct line to Multicultural Life: (612) 330- 1087

Jada Lewis (she,her, hers) was born and raised in Minneapolis. She grew up in an African American household where family played a major role in her development. She is the youngest of four siblings. In 2021, Jada received her Bachelors of Arts in History from Augsburg University. She was an Act6 Scholar, she served as the President of the Pan-Afrikan Student Union, captain of the track team,  a member of Phi Alpha Theta national honor society of History, and served many leadership roles while attending Augsburg. She is passionate about education and issues that the Pan-Afrikan/ Black community faces. 

She believes education is a basic human right for everyone. She sees education as a stepping stone to achieve dreams. Many dialogues within the Black/Pan-Afrikan community she is passionate about surround the current societal issues such as police brutality and the disregard for young black bodies, the achievement gap and prison to pipeline, and the empowerment of Black women relating to self-worth.




Martesha Mitchell

Pan- African Center Fellow

Direct line to  Pan-Afrikan Center: (612) 330 -1022
Direct line to Multicultural Life: (612) 330- 1087

Martesha Mitchell is a second-year student studying Computer Science and a minor in psychology. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and later moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated from Edison Senior High School. To continue her work for her culture she became a PAC Fellow. As a PAC Fellow, she works on many projects with the Pan-Afrikan Center Director to create a safe environment for students. This includes representation of all Pan African students, healing, educating, and sharing resources that can bring upliftment to communities. Martesha is also a part of the Pan-Afrikan Student Union and Augsburg Student Activities Council.

Multicultural Life

Phone: 612-330-1087
Office Location: Oyate’ Commons, Christensen Center basement

Multicultural Life serves as a space for multicultural students since 1993. It was created to be more inclusive to students and increase community development. American Indian Student Services, Latinx Student Services, Pan-Afrikan Center and Pan-Asian Student Services are all under Multicultural Life. Together these services provide advising, mentoring, support, fellowship and more to ethnically diverse students. Learn more about Multicultural Life.