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Pan-Afrikan History Month

On February 7 1926, Dr. Carter G. Woodson initiated “Negro History Week.” It has evolved into what is known, today as, African American History month. In the context of our Pan-Afrikan module, we refer to the month of recognition as Afrikana. We do this to make the statement the Afrikan American history did not begin with the first slaves who came here as indentured servants in 1619. Afrikan history is the foundation of Afrikan American history and is necessary in the celebration of the month.

We celebrate Afrikan History month through various speakers, presentations and performances by both students and community. Throughout the month, we share the history of Afrikan people all around campus. The Pan African Student Leadership Conference highlights the month. This annual conference provides students of Afrikan descent opportunities to develop their leadership skill and awareness of issues pertaining to Afrikan people everywhere.