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Pan-Asian Student Services

Modified Services Notice:

As of March 2020, Pan Asian Student Services will be working remotely due to recent updates & suggestions regarding Covid-19. If you are in need of contacting Pan Asian Student Services more immediately, you may do so, through the following options:

We know how incredibly difficult this is for many – please refer to Augsburg’s page for current updates during this transition:

Augsburg's PASS Graduating Class of 2017
Augsburg’s PASS Graduating Class of 2017


To provide support services and opportunities for all Augsburg students, with an emphasis on Pan Asian students, that will engage students in transformative, lifelong learning and develop life skills in consideration of cultural context which complement their academic experience through co-curricular involvement and civic engagement.


We believe when students have a greater understanding of self, they become empowered to reclaim* ownership of their education. Multicultural Life provides opportunities to deepen awareness and knowledge of identity, resilience, and advocacy.

*Due to white supremacist foundation that is rooted within higher education, education does not allow historically underserved students to take stake in their learning. 


The four pillars that drive the department are Leadership, Education, Advocacy, and Community. Through this framework, PASS provides advising, mentoring, support, and fellowship to ethnically diverse students.