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Hmong Women Together

Hmong Women Together is a commissioned student organization at Augsburg University that has been operating for five years.

Mission Statement: It is the purpose of Hmong Women Together to create and sustain a supportive environment to connect, empower, and educate Hmong women and their allies to discover and explore different aspects of their cultural identities.

Our previous accomplishments, events, and participation include

Winning 1st place for the 2016 Homecoming Decoration and getting awarded the 2016 – 2017 Augsburg Social Justice organization and 2015 – 2016 Augsburg Rising Student Organization of the Year.

Some of our previous events are the Traditional Hmong Gender Switch Role, 1985 Screening, Care Packages at the end of each semester, Hmong Spirituality and having Author Kao Kalia Yang speak about her award-winning book, The Song Poet.

We previously participated in the Augsburg Pan Asian Week, Pan Asian Student Banquet, and the 18th Hmong National Development Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   


To learn more or get involved with Hmong Women Together, please email us at or follow us on Facebook!


Board Member Bios

Name: Emily Vang

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Position: Chair of Finance

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Management, Minor: Marketing

Hopes for Community: I hope to help create a more inclusive environment with Hmong Women Together by bringing in more allies and helping our Hmong community grow. I want to help spread more knowledge of our Hmong history and culture to the Hmong community and the broader community to bring awareness and understanding of who we are. I hope to create an impact in our community and organization by inspiring, motivating, and uplifting Hmong women and our allies to embrace our different cultures in the same setting — and hopefully be more active in our greater community while doing so.



Name: Heather Lee
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Position: Outreach Coordinator
Year: Second Year
Major: Accounting
Hopes for Community: My hopes for Hmong Women Together is to have a sense of welcoming and inclusiveness whether you are of Asian descent or not, whether you are male or female. I want to create a safe place/comfort zone for our members where they feel free to express themselves freely without being afraid of judgment.







Name: Bobbie Choua Thao

Hometown:Born in Yuba City, California. Raised in Saint Paul Minnesota.
Position: Cultural Chair of Hmong Women Together
Year: 2nd year
Major: Psychology
Minor: Leadership Studies
Hopes for Community: I hope to be a support pillar, resource, friend, mentor and mentee for all my surrounding peers. I hope to raise my Hmong American youth community higher and further in their potential and dreams.





Name: Allison Vang
Hometown: Maplewood, Minnesota
Position: Membership Coordinator
Year: 2nd Year
Major: Chemistry
Hopes for Community: I hope can I can be someone you can come to and ask for help. I want us to really built a genuine relationship that will last for years to come.