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Season 3, Episode 6 – Barclay Bates: Lessons in Leadership

Barclay Bates '18

Barclay Bates ’18, Augsburg alumn and former intern (now employee) at Midco, has learned what separates leaders from managers. His years as captain of the Augsburg football team as well as intern and career positions at Midco have given him deep insight into what it takes to do great work with a happy, fulfilled, motivated team (be they athletic, academic, or corporate). His mentors in athletics, Augsburg economics, and Midco’s upper leadership have taught him many critical lessons that he pays forward every day.

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Season 3, Episode 5 – Hannah Dyson: Putting the “Story” in “History”

Hannah Dyson

Hannah Dyson discovered a remarkable overlap in her theatre and history interests when interning at the MN Historical Society. Writing stories for MNopedia about fraudulent towns and journalistic assassinations, Hannah developed a passion for storytelling that connects past and present – and her Augsburg and historical society mentors have helped her focus her ambitions. Her storytelling explores justice and freedom of press both historically and in our own future.

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Season 3, Episode 4 – Bjorn Melin: Discoveries in Data

Bjorn Melin

Bjorn Melin, intern at Cteq Data Consultants and 3M, is proof that drive and work ethic really do make a difference. Not about to allow his Edina upbringing to afford him any opportunities he didn’t earn, Bjorn tackled a challenging double major in Computer Science and Math and forged his own opportunities in data science at Cteq and 3M by personally undertaking 50 plus informational interviews (over five times his advisor’s recommendation) and networking vigorously in the Twin Cities’ analytics field before acquiring internships in both small and large business environments. Bjorn’s is a story spanning math faculty all the way up to corporate CEOs. He credits his education to both.

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Season 3, Episode 3 – Miracle Adebanjo: The Gift of Giving

Miracle Adebanjo

Miracle Adebanjo weathered a challenging transition from his international upbringing moving from London to New Jersey and Minnesota that was punctuated with homelessness, culture clash, and lack of structure. But business, social work, and internship opportunities introduced Miracle to friends and mentors at Augsburg and beyond who ignited his passionate drive to build a better tomorrow through activism, community engagement, and entrepreneurship.

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Season 3, Episode 2 – Oliva House: The Art of Activism

Olivia House presenting at her art show

Olivia House, intern at Wingnut Advertising (via Brand Lab), uses design to advance the causes of justice and activism. Through her work, she strives to elevate underrepresented voices, share stories that aren’t told, and promote history that has been erased. Mentors in Augsburg arts and athletics as well as key players in Twin Cities advertising and design have supported her on her journey and helped her crystalize her ambitions to build a brighter future through the power of activist art.

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