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Vocation, Access, and Excellence

Bibliography (PDFs)

1996 Position Papers

  1. Church Connections
    1. Mark Engebretson, “Church Connections at Augsburg College: Past, Present, and Future”
    2. Lynne Lorenzen, “Church Connections: A Theological Perspective”
    3. Bruce Reichenbach, “Education Shaped by the Faith and Values of the Christian Church”
  2. Student Centered
    1. Virginia Allery, “A Guerilla Perspective on the Meaning of Student-Centered Teaching and Learning”
    2. Diane Pike, “On Being Student Centered”
  3. Diversity
    1. Maria Brown, “Diversity”
    2. Bill Green, “The ‘Precious Moment’: A Statement on Diversity”
    3. Brad Holt, “Some Thoughts on Diversity”
    4. Martha Johnson, “Diversity”
    5. Mary Lou Williams, “Vision: Augsburg/Diversity”
  4. Quality
    1. Kathryn Swanson, “Quality: Yours, Mine, and Ours”
    2. Sandra Olmsted, “The Meaning of ‘Quality’ at Augsburg College”
  5. Urban
    1. Chris Kimball, “Augsburg College: Authentically Urban”
    2. Gordon Nelson, “A Reflection on What Its Urban Setting Should Mean for Augsburg College”
  6. Roman Soto, “Church Connections and Diversity”

1997-98 Commission Reports

  1. Diversity: “An Augsburg Community: Diversity, Commitment, and Education for Service.” Virginia Allery, Carl Chrislock, Eloisa Echavez, Bill Green, Doug Green, Jesus (Alex) Hernandez-Herrera, Matt Milless, Bev Nilsson, Cindy Peterson, and Bev Stratton
  2. Trends: “What Five of the Trends or Tendencies in Private Higher Education Today Must We Consciously Resist—Why and How?” Dick Adamson, Jeanne Boeh, Joe Erickson, Carol Forbes, Herald Johnson, Joanne Stiles Laird, Phoebe McDonald, Tom Morgan, Phil Styrlund
  3. Experiential Pedagogies: “Teaching and Learning at Augsburg College: Experience at the Core.” Garry Hesser, Lee Hoon Benson, Carl Casperson, Terry Cook, Helga Legertson, Letitia Hooyman, Chris Kimball, Jim Trelstad Porter, Frankie Shackelford, Joel Torstenson, Rebekah Valdivia
  4. Work Culture: “Vocation, Calling, and Stewardship: A Working Culture for Augsburg College.” Stuart Anderson, Andry Andriambololona, Judi Bekke, Sarah Ginkel, Brian Hackney, Linda Holmen, Conrad Meyer, Vicki Olson, Diane Pike, Stella Rosenquist
  5. Faith and Reason: “Come Let us Reason Together.” Margaret Anderson, Shelby Andress, Mark Engebretson, Dennice Gooley, Joan Griffin, Jack Osberg, Philip Quanbeck I, Mark Tranvik

Prelude to Revision: Papers Presented to the Augsburg Community – August 27, 2003

  1. Mark Engebretson, “Providing a ‘Transforming Education’: Some Tensions and Continuing Challenges”
  2. Joan Griffin, “Called to Civitas: From Burning Bush to Jerusalem” | (Shortened version)
  3. Christopher Kimball, “Five Modest Proposals: Transforming Augsburg’s Education”
  4. Rick Thoni, “Implementing the Vision”