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Your full-time faculty (L to R): Hans Wiersma, Phil Quanbeck II, Mark Tranvik, Mary Lowe, Russell Kleckley, Lori Hale, Matt Maruggi, Martha Stortz, Jeremy Myers. CLICK THE IMAGE to go to our Facebook Page!

Augsburg’s core curriculum includes courses related to the study of life’s meaning and purpose. In our introductory course, “Religion, Vocation, and the Search for Meaning,” students learn about and reflect upon Christianity and other religious (and non-religious) traditions. From the foundation provided in our intro course, students may dig deeper with one of many elective courses, including:

  • “Religion and the Rise of Science”
  • “The Bible in Culture and Counter-culture”
  • “Martin Luther and the Reformation”
  • “Sex, Self, and Sin”
  • “Religion at the Movies”
  • “The Art of Public Ministry”
  • “Heaven, Hell, and the End of the World”
  • and more

Why Study This Stuff? We like the five reasons shared by a professor at Emory University:

  • It will help you get a job and make lots of money
  • It will blow your mind
  • It can be used to make the world a better place
  • It’s a social magnet: people love more than ever to talk about religion
  • Knowledge is power

In addition, studying religion at Augsburg will inspire and equip you to be

  • an informed citizen
  • a thoughtful steward
  • a critical thinker
  • a responsible leader

Our diverse student body and our location in the heart of a bustling urban neighborhood make Augsburg U an ideal setting for

  • talking about life’s big questions
  • building inter-faith friendships
  • developing and deepening your own faith commitments