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Takes effect March 14, 2022

One of the primary goals of Residence Life is to foster a welcoming and safe environment. To assist in accomplishing this goal, residents and their guests are required to follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Guests are permitted in residence halls if they do not constitute a problem for roommates or other residents. Each resident is responsible for their guests.

  • Guests may not remain in the residence hall for more than three consecutive nights within a given week – totaling 15 days per semester. Guests staying longer than this period of time may be charged. This cost may be shared by the residents hosting the guest.

  • Overnight guests may not sleep in common spaces (e.g., lounges, hallways, and laundry rooms).

  • Visitors to a building may not enter the hall without being escorted in by the person they are visiting. Visitors are required to access their contact person that they are visiting to be escorted while within the building.

  • Residents may not host guests who have been trespassed from the Residence Halls or campus community.

  • No room keys will be issued or given to guests.

  • Guests cannot exceed the maximum occupancy of a given space:

    • Facility Maximum Occupancy

      • One Bed Apartments, Suites, Studios, Urness Rooms: 8

      • Two Bedroom Apartments: 12

      • Townhouses: 16

      • Floor houses and Flats: 30

      • Four Bedroom Apartments: 15

  • Overnight guests: Up to three consecutive nights and up to ten times a semester. All roommates need to be okay with this arrangement. Residents have to accompany guests at all times, cannot give access materials to guests, and are responsible for their guests.

  • The number of guests cannot exceed room capacity.

  • Students under 18 years of age have to chaperoned