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Moving Out

End of the Year Closing Guide on yellow background with white daisies.

Our End of the Year Closing Guide is designed to help all Community Members transition out of the Halls for Summer, or into Summer On-Campus Housing. If you have any questions about End of the Year Closing, please contact

24-Hour Quiet Hours

Beginning Friday, April 26  at 5:00 PM, 24-Hour Quiet Hours will be enforced until 12:00 PM on Friday, May 3. Please ensure that you are keeping your volume low so that all community members can sleep and study peacefully.

Closing Day and Late Stays

  • All residents are expected to be completely moved out of their spaces 24 hours after their last academic commitment but no later than May 3 at 12:00 PM.  
    • If need to stay later than May 3, please fill out the Late Stay Request form by April 19.
  • You will need to schedule a check-out appointment with your CA.  At your check-out appointment, your space must be clean and all of your items must be removed from the space. If not, the CA will ask you to reschedule your time when things are completed
  • Once the check-out is complete, the CA will collect your key. If you do not give back your key, you will be assessed a charge for a rekey. 

Check-Out To-Do List

  • If you have a MicroFridge, make sure it is defrosted (this may take several hours, so plan ahead)!
    • To defrost your MicroFridge, start by unplugging the unit. Remove any items inside and leave the freezer and fridge doors open.
    • Remove large ice pieces as they come loose, and wipe up excess water with a towel. We recommend placing a towel at the bottom for the MicroFridge to soak up water as the ice melts.
    • Once your MicroFridge is defrosted, leave the doors open and the unit unplugged. 
  • Place all furniture in the original location and condition, including resetting your bed if you changed the height setting
  • Remove all lighting strips, stickers, nails, tape, and other wall-mounting supplies
  • Wipe down/clean all surfaces including:
    • Windows and window sills
    • Desks, dressers, and mattresses
    • Kitchen counters, sinks, cabinet/drawer fronts, and cabinet/drawer interiors
    • Refrigerators and microwaves (inside and out)
    • Bathroom counters, sinks, tubs, shower walls, cabinet fronts, and cabinet/drawer interiors
  • Bag and seal your trash and dispose of it in the nearest trash chute
    • If the trash chute is blocked, call 612-330-1717 to inform Custodial Services and take your trash to the nearest dumpster
  • Large bags or items that do not fit into the trash chute also go directly to the dumpster. Some examples of large items are:
    • Rugs
    • Furniture
    • Large boxes
    • Recycling 
    • Lamps 
  • Remove all food and personal items from your fridge, freezer and cabinets
  • Close and lock your windows
  • Return any borrowed items (like carts or cleaning supplies) to the RLife Office in the Urness/Mort lobby

Closing Charges and Billing Information

Commonly assessed closing charges include:

  • Improper Check-Out Fee: $100
  • Large Item Removal Fee: $100, per item
    • Includes couches, chairs, rugs, and all other furniture
  • Small Item Removal Fee: $10, per item
  • Trash Removal Fee: $20 per room
  • Bed Reset Fee: $50
  • Microfridge Defrost Key: $20 per resident assigned to the space
  • Lost Key: $35 for all spaces in Urness, Mortensen, Luther; $35 for Anderson and OGC bedrooms or apartments; $125 for Anderson and OGC townhouses, floorhouses, and flats.

ShareShop WILL NOT be collecting items at the end of the year. You are responsible for removing ALL unwanted items from your space (including personal furniture) and properly disposing of them in the dumpsters. 

  • Items will be held up to 7 days after your move out. If items are removed on your behalf, you will be assessed a removal charge
  • If trash is left in the space, you will be assessed a removal fee
  • If trash is left in the hallways, the floor will be assessed a removal fee
  • If items are left in the hallways, the floor will be assessed a removal fee
  • If items are left in lobbies or common areas, the building will be assessed a removal fee

All information about end-of-the-ear billing or closing charges will be sent to your student e-mail. 

Please start planning to ensure a smooth transition! If you have additional questions, please contact us at!