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Dietary Modification

Dietary Modification Appeal Process

*Please be aware that this process is currently being updated. Check back by the end of June to see the information for the new process.*


Augsburg University provides a wide variety of food options so that students can manage their diet and make good choices. As stated in the Residence Life & Meal Plan Contract, students living in Urness, Mortensen and Anderson are required to be on a meal plan.  Furthermore, students in their first year at Augsburg, excluding transfer students, are required to be on the 15 plus meal plan.

As stated in the Residence Life & Meal Plan Contract:

“I agree that to be eligible to live in University housing, I must be a registered Augsburg University student throughout the period of occupancy and be 17 years of age at the time of occupancy. I agree that if I am a resident in Urness Hall, Anderson Hall, or Mortensen Hall, I am required to purchase a meal plan. I further agree that if I am in my first year at Augsburg University, excluding transfer students, I am required to purchase the “15-Plus” meal plan as a residential student. I agree that if I am a resident of Oren Gateway and in my first two semesters of the StepUP program, not including summer semesters, I am required to purchase a meal plan. If I am required to purchase a meal plan, and I do not select a meal plan above, I agree that I will automatically be charged the “15-Plus” meal plan and will comply with the terms of the Contract. By signing the Contract, I agree that this Contract is binding and enforceable against me and will remain in effect for the entire academic year. I have read the Contract and understand the following terms and conditions apply”

Each appeal is only active for one academic year. For each new academic year a new appeal must be submitted.

Dietary needs and schedule assistance

Augsburg dining services can provide safe eating to a variety of specialized diets including:

  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Veganism
  • Vegetarianism
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Soy Intolerance

Augsburg dining services can also help you if your challenge is time and schedules.  

  1. You can purchase an Eco To-Go container which costs $6.42 (tax included) at the Commons cash register.  Simply fill it with your meal and take it with you to refrigerate and eat at a time of your choosing.  Bring in the dirty container the next time you would like to pick up a meal to go and exchange it for a clean container at the Commons cash register.  You may use your flex points to purchase this container.
  2. You can order a sack lunch for pick up! Order your lunch the day beforehand on the dining services website and pick it up between 7:30am and 10:30am.
  3. For any meal plan, you may substitute one meal per week at the dining commons for a meal at Einstein Bros. Bagels or Nabo Cafe.

Please speak with the food service General Manager or Assistant General Manager with questions about these options.

Religious Reasons

If you have a religious reason for seeking a dietary exemption within this process, please:

  1. Complete the appeal survey below, underneath “Other/Appeal”
  2. Contact your religious leader to provide documentation detailing the specifics of the diet requirements. Please send this documentation to Residence Life, or faxed to (612) 330.1266.

Dietary Reasons

Please meet with the dining services staff to determine how they can meet the needs of your particular diet. Contact Augsburg’s dining services to set up a meeting time.

A drop in meeting where you do not discuss all options may not count as fulfilling this requirement. You may bring an advocate to this meeting. In the meeting you will be asked to provide specific information on what you can and cannot eat, and any other dietary restrictions.

As noted above, the dining services can provide safe eating to a variety of specialized diets including the following: Gluten intolerance, veganism, vegetarianism, lactose intolerance, and soy intolerance.

Medical Condition or Disability

Augsburg University recognizes that certain medical conditions or disabilities may require a modification to a meal plan. Additionally, some food allergies may be considered a disability. If you are requesting a meal plan modification based on a disability, contact CLASS (Center for Learning and Accessible Student Services) at 612-330-1053, email, or schedule a meeting with a Disability Specialist.

The CLASS office staff will communicate with you directly in an interactive process regarding any requests for an accommodation. You will be asked to provide current verification/documentation from an appropriate licensed professional familiar with your particular situation. You may email this to or bring it to your meeting with the CLASS office. Upon receiving the documentation and after communicating with you, the CLASS office will review the information, ask for more if necessary, determine the need for a disability accommodation, and inform you of their decision in writing.


Students are typically not released from the meal plan requirement due to financial circumstances.


After pursuing these options, you may still feel that you like to pursue an appeal to your meal plan.  If so, please complete this dietary modification appeal form.

Please note that throughout this process you may be asked to provide further documentation and should allot the appropriate amount of time to meet with your medical and/or religious professional, the CLASS office, and Dining Services, as appropriate. Reviews take place at specific times throughout the semester and can take three weeks for the appropriate meetings and steps to be taken, and then for the committee to address if all the correct paperwork is provided.

To participate in this process you should begin at least three weeks before the meal plan change deadline:

The deadline to change your meal plan for Fall 2019 is: September 4, 2019

The deadline to change your meal plan for Spring 2020 is: January 22, 2020

Access Statement: This is a Google Form, you will need to log into your Augsburg Augnet account to gain access to the form in order to verify your identity.   If you experience difficulties accessing this document for other reasons please contact for assistance.