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Introducing Terrance Kwame-Ross

During our research phase of the Riverside Innovation Hub, we are collaborating across disciplines with a team of Augsburg faculty in our work learning alongside congregations already engaged in meaningful ministry with young adults. Our team brings together faculty with backgrounds in education, psychology, social work, political science, communications, sociology, religion and gender, sexuality and women’s studies.

Meet one of our research team members, Terrance Kwame-Ross…

Terrance Kwame-Ross headshot
Terrance Kwame-Ross, PhD                           Associate Professor of Education

I am currently a full-time Associate Professor in the Education Department at Augsburg University.  I’m also a Faculty Associate in the Youth Development Leadership (YDL) Graduate Program in the School of Social Work at the University of Minnesota.  My research focus has been on the nature of learning and development throughout the life-span across different cultural, political, social, and geographic settings and areas.  My study and studies focus on youth and young adults, teachers, and youth workers in formal, non-formal, and informal settings.  The Riverside Innovation Hub project allow me to further explore these ideas inside of a spiritual and religious context.  It also, affords me an opportunity to have a dialogue with myself around faith and learning.  My unique perspective about the nature of learning and development can contribute to the overall study in the sense that in all that humans do, sometime without knowing it, is learn.  However, all learning isn’t positive learning.  In short, I look forward to broadening my own and others’ perspectives about learning and growing inside of the church, congregation, and “the body of God.”