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Farewell Margaret

Our Riverside Innovation Hub staff has been blessed to work with Rev. Margaret Kelly this past year as our Hub Coordinator. We celebrated her last day this week with Riverside Innovation Hub. She has been instrumental in supporting the research phase of the project, application process with congregations and hiring of our Innovation Coaches. As a team member, she has brought a deep passion for the church, a commitment to the work of Riverside Innovation Hub and a welcomed witty humor to our first year. We value her partnership and friendship and wish her all the best as she moves into full-time social work with chidren’s mental health.

Mararet has written some final thoughts to share as she moves on from Augsburg…

It is both with sadness and excitement that I have resigned my position with the Riverside Innovation Hub. The work the Hub is doing is incredibly important. It has been my great pleasure to play a support role to Dr. Jeremy Myers and Kristina Fruge. The theological thoughtfulness that they approach the work of innovation in ministry is without compare. Our church is in good hands when I see this project taking shape under their leadership. It is hard work and it is good work. Thanks be to God for courageous leaders who risk trusting the Holy Spirit.

I am leaving to pursue full time work as a clinical social worker. I am returning to mental health case management, but this time with children who have a diagnosed mental illness and need extra support to stay in the community. I will be working in Ramsey County and look forward to utilizing this part of my training. My passion is the intersection of faith, addiction, and mental illness. This is one of the ways I pursue that passion.

I look forward to hearing the stories of the congregations who have been emboldened by the Riverside Innovation Hub.


Rev. Margaret Kelly

Margaret’s last day