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Riverside Innovation Hub Periphery Learning Partner (Track 3) Application


Augsburg University’s Riverside Innovation Hub is reaching out to faith communities in and near the Twin Cities to create learning partnerships around ministry with young adults. This is a collaborative effort sponsored by Augsburg University’s Christensen Center for Vocation and supported by Lilly Endowment, Inc.

The first round of applications closed in the Spring of 2018 and all funded partnerships have been selected for Primary Learning Partners (Track 1). However, our Periphery Learning Partnership (Track 3) option will remain open throughout the remainder of the project – Dec. 2021. Periphery Learning Partners commit to be learning partners with the Riverside Innovation Hub and with the other Primary and Periphery faith community partners at the table. This includes a commitment to:

  1. Complete and submit the application.
  2. Recruit a team of people from your faith community to steward the learning with RIH, determining ways it can inform the work and ministry in your own faith community and context.
  3. Participate with your team in 3-4 learning events each year hosted by the Riverside Innovation Hub.
  4. Participate in other collaborative learning opportunities with Periphery Learning Partner faith communities with support from Riverside Innovation Hub staff.
Application - Periphery Learning Partner


Applications will be received on a rolling basis and reviewed monthly.

Any questions can be directed to Program Manager, Kristina Fruge at