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Below you will find some of the basic ways we plan to structure our shared time and learning together in the final year of oartnership with our Primary Learning Partner congregations. We will not be hosting a large fall event this year as in previous years. We do hope to gather (in person or online) in Feb 2021 with a focus on sustainability around the work, leadership, and curiosities that carry your congregation beyond the life of this project. We also plan to gather in August 2021 for a final celebration and story sharing day together. We have chosen not to select specific days at this point with so much up in the air with pandemic restrictions and uncertainties. 

During the final year of the learning partnership with the Riverside Innovation Hub, learning partner congregations will gather in new cohorts around the covenants and proposals they submitted at the end of June 2020. Each cohort will gather monthly over Zoom and be facilitated by an RIH Staff member. 

Timeline for the Final Grant Year



August 2020 Schedule Cohort Meetings
September 2020 Cohort Meeting #1
October 2020 Cohort Meeting #2
November 2020 Cohort Meeting #3
December 2020 Cohort Meeting #4
January 2021 Cohort Meeting #5
February 2021 Sustainability Event (Large Group Gathering #1) 
March 2021 Cohort Meeting #6
April 2021 Cohort Meeting #7 
May 2021 Cohort Meeting #8 
June 2021 Cohort Meeting #9
July 2021 Cohort Meeting #10 
August 2021 Celebration Event (Large Group Gathering #2) 
October/November 2021 Assessments: Online Survey, Interviews, and Focus Groups 


The Riverside Innovation Hub is an initiative of the Christensen Center for Vocation at Augsburg University. The Christensen Center for Vocation provides many events throughout the year (including summer), inviting students and community members to come and learn and engage in meaningful discussions about faith, vocation, and ministries. Visit the Bernhard Christensen Center for Vocation website to find out more about the news and events of The Center.