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Kristina Hesby ‘12Kristina Hesby ‘12, BSN

The nursing field is demanding higher education – especially for more opportunities and career advancement. I wanted to make sure I had the education background to support future career choices. Augsburg’s class schedule and location made going back to school while working manageable. The whole program enhanced my education and love of nursing. It took me back into my community to learn more about the medical needs of those around me.

Frank Brekke ‘11Frank Brekke ‘11, BSN

An Augsburg education empowered me to achieve my personal goals and to reach new heights in my professional career as a nurse, leader, and educator. I chose Augsburg because it fit so well into my work schedule, and the professors upheld Augsburg’s reputation for excellence, personal touch, and diversity. They created supportive learning environments that helped us succeed in reaching our educational goals.

Shelley Whalen ‘18 Shelley Whalen ‘18, MBA

I knew I needed to earn a master’s degree to develop the skills needed to be a strategic partner in business. After speaking with alumni, who confirmed the Augsburg’s reputation for equipping people for success, I chose Augsburg. This program opened my eyes and gave me a new way of looking at business. I think more critically and holistically about issues presented in the workplace, I’ve advanced professionally, and I’ve gained a lot of friends because of the cohort model.

Phil GiarrantanaPhil Giarrantana ’19, MAE

I chose Augsburg for a variety of reasons: the high regard many in the education field have for Augsburg and Augsburg grads, and the accessibility of night and online classes. This education equipped me to engage in a field I am most passionate about while raising my consciousness of the changing nature and demands of modern education. It is my hope that I will influence learners for decades to come, and Augsburg enables me to do that.

Marla Frahm ‘13Marla Frahm ‘13, BSN

Augsburg granted me the ability to balance my work, family, and continuing education. Being able to take evening classes at my own pace made education a possibility for me. I have a love for learning…I will always be a lifelong learner, and this program gave me the wonderful opportunities I needed to keep growing and pursuing my goals.