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Resources for Leaders

Whether you’re a NextGen Leader or seasoned professional, Our Whole People, Whole Leaders workbook series invites you on a leadership journey with a number of movements along the way that:

  • Provide you with a multidimensional snapshot of your life
  • Explore what you are good at and what you value
  • Identify where you feel called to spend your time and energy
  • Develop a structured approach to guide your personal growth


Three-Fold Model of Individual Life

by David Specht and Dick Broholm

This resource describes STW’s framework for thinking about our lives as a set of relationships among three dimensions—identity, purpose and stewardship—each with its own set of unique needs, desires and preoccupations. Although the needs and concerns of these dimensions can pull us in different directions, when we’re at our best, they offer us complimentary perspectives which together can allow us to see things whole. It is helpful background for further exploring your Seeing Things Whole Profile.

Seeing Things Whole Profile by Dick Broholm and David Specht

A 39-question survey that provides you with a multidimensional snapshot of your life and well-being.

Exploring Your Profile by Dick Broholm and David Specht

This workbook helps you understand your STW profile and use it as a pathway to gain perspective around an issue or growth challenge.


WholeLife Aspirations and Goals: Connecting Your Life Purpose to Your Life Choices

by David Specht

This workbook invites you to identify your aspirations and develop specific goals that reflect your personal priorities. It’s a powerful exercise of clarifying your intentions about what is important to you and what you plan to do to make your dreams a reality.


Life Frames: Developing your moral compass and discovering your dependable strengths

by Dick Broholm and David Specht

This workbook invites you into a process of discovering and articulating two essential resources for navigating life’s challenges and opportunities:

  • your core values that can serve as a moral compass for helping you to navigate complex challenges and decisions that inevitably face each of us in our life journeys
  • your dependable strengths – your unique gifts and skills that give you great pleasure when you put them to use


Your Growing Edge: A Reflection Process for Identifying and Clarifying an Individual Challenge

by David Specht

This workbook invites you to begin to clarify a personal growth challenge or dilemma facing you and explore it within the larger contexts of your life and what you value. Describing the dilemma and the tensions surrounding it serves as a starting place for seeing the possibilities for greater wholeness.