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Three roundtable participants discussing a challenge with Professor Tom Morgan.Individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to participate in our Whole Leader Roundtables at Augsburg University. These gatherings allow leaders the opportunity to network and provide insight to each other on the leadership challenges of today.


One individual brings a challenge for the group to explore using the Seeing Things Whole Threefold Model to understand a “whole” way forward. Advice is not given, but questions are asked as the group supports the individual to discover the many dimensions of the challenge.

Challenges can be anything the individual is navigating, including how to balance work and life, how to make professional decisions about a new career path, or how sustain oneself in a challenging yet fulfilling environment.

Through the Roundtable, we build trusting relationships that support leaders to reflect openly and gain insight to tackle challenges. This process supports their ability to see things whole.

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Our next Whole Leader Roundtable is Wednesday, June 14th from 5:30 – 8:00pm at Augsburg University. You can also check out the Whole Leader Roundtable Schedule.

The Roundtable is free and open to the public but advanced registration is required.

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