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BSW Students

BSW Field Overview

The field experience is where classroom theories become professional fact. It is where ethics are tried and tested through observation and application. Competence is gained by doing, practice activities are evaluated empirically, and a respect for and acceptance of diverse cultures and peoples is gained.

BSW students are placed in social service agencies in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area.  The Social Work Department BSW Field Coordinator, the service agency and the student all have a part in choosing the right setting for field education.   Students complete two different field experiences (one junior year and one senior year) for a total of 480 hours of field work.

Junior Year

BSW students begin the first field practicum assignment junior year.  At the end of sophomore year, parallel to the program application process students start and complete a search for an internship.  When classes begin in September, juniors will begin their 240 hours of field work at their agencies, while attending field seminar courses SWK 307 and 317.

Senior Year

At the end of junior year, social work students are responsible for securing their own field placement from a list of agencies from an online database.  Students are responsible for contacting agencies, setting up interviews, and notifying the BSW field coordinator once an agency has been agreed upon.  Students begin working with their agency in September and are enrolled in the senior-level seminar courses (SWK 407 and 417) completing 240 hours of field work over two semesters.