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Crime and Deviance

Criminology and criminal justice are fields that have long been served by sociology as the core discipline. Whether you are interested in government research or becoming a police officer, probation officer, corrections official, or federal law enforcement agent, the sociology major effectively prepares undergraduates for these important career paths. Through advising, tailored course selection and an internship in criminology or criminal justice, you will be prepared to enter a professional career built on a strong and flexible major. (Additional requirements must be met to be certified for law enforcement in Minnesota.)  If you are interested in the field of crime and deviance, contact Diane Pike (

Essential Courses:

  • Criminology (SOC 277)
  • Race, Class and Gender (SOC 265)
  • Juvenile Delinquency (SOC 331) OR Organizational Deviance (SOC 377)
  • Internship (SOC 399)

Relevant Courses:

Inside Sociology:

  • Cultures of Violence (SOC 290)
  • Social Problems Analysis (SOC 390)
  • Sociology of Law (SOC 320)
  • ACTC courses in Introduction to Criminal Justice, Policing, Corrections; Forensics

Outside Sociology:

  • Law in the United States (POL170)
  • Constitutional Law (POL370)
  • Psychology and Law (PSY235)