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Best Practices – Job & Internship Search

best practices job and internship searches

Job searching involves using a variety of resources to find employment and internships. Many students do not realize they need to do more in their job search than just applying online. In fact, most positions are found using other strategies.

Here are 4 tips to help you develop an effective job and internship search plan: 

  • Identify your talents, interests, and skills – Many job searchers make the mistake of not focusing their career goals, and that is what can make job and internship searching extremely overwhelming. Before you begin your search, you need to have an idea of the kind of position you would like to have. If you have not already, spend time thinking about how your strengths, interests, skills, and values relate to work environments. Have an idea of possible position titles or career fields you might want to pursue. If you struggle with thinking about this, a career coach can assist you with this step. 


  • Resume – Make sure your resume is up-to-date and tailored to the position you are applying to. Your resume should be easy to scan quickly, while simultaneously containing enough pertinent information that will reveal essential details about you and your skills. Our office can assist you with a resume review. Make an appointment with a career coach on Handshake or take advantage of our virtual resume drop-in hours. Mondays & Wednesdays from 10am-1pm. No appointment needed! Use the following Zoom link to utilize our virtual resume drop-in service. 


  • Take advantage of networking Networking involves connecting with people who work in a field you are wanting to learn more about or break into. It is the most effective way to learn more about job and internship positions and obtain them. We recommend talking to everyone about your job search or career path. Your odds of finding a job or internship increases with the more people you tell. There is also value in requesting informational interviews once you have done your research on different companies and identified jobs and/or internships of interest. Use social media to find connections. We suggest creating a LinkedIn profile to seek out individuals you are connected to who are in positions or companies that you are interested in exploring. Be aware of fake job offers that seem too good to be true. Scammers are trying to take advantage of the pandemic and trick people into responding to fake job offers. Always check the organization’s website for legitimacy. You could also consider reaching out to the organization’s Human Resources department to double check they’re still hiring.  


  1. Interview preparation- Preparation is key! We recommend researching the company and the people you are interviewing with. Do not be afraid to ask questions about interview logistics such as dress code, parking, etc. Practice the STAR model of answering interview questions to ensure you provide concrete examples of how you meet the organization’s needs and to prove that you will be successful in that position. We encourage you to complete a “mock interview” (practice) with a career coach.  Set up an appointment in Handshake.

The Strommen Center would like to acknowledge that the job and internship search process has its unique stressors and we want you to know we are here to support you. We encourage you to make an appointment with us on Handshake and check out our new resources listed on our Community Moodle Site.