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Internships & Augsburg Experience

Register Your Internship – Complete 2 Steps

Registration Deadlines: Fall – September 17, 2019; Spring – January 27, 2020

Step 1 – All students must complete: Internship Site Agreement Form

A confirmation email will be sent directly to your internship site supervisor.

Step 2 – Select one of the following registration forms:

All internships for credit (2 or 4 credit): Internship Registration Form

Discuss your internship with your faculty supervisor and department chair and collect their signatures before bringing it to the Strommen Center.

All 0-credit internships:  Augsburg Experience Internship Form  

Schedule a 15 minute registration appointment with Sandy Tilton in Handshake for approval and signature.

Internship Registration Instructions for International Students and AU Students:

International Student Steps to Register Internship & Augsburg Experience

Work Connections (AU Students)

Required Internship Assignments

Other Internship Resources