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‘Augsburg University’ starting to show up around campus

The newest vehicle for the Department of Public Safety sports the name “Augsburg University.”

Things are changing around campus, Auggies. You already know that last March, members of Augsburg Corporation approved a resolution to change our name from “Augsburg College” to “Augsburg University.” But, just in case you missed it, you can read about that on the News and Media blog.

Lots has been going on since that resolution passed … meetings to discuss how the name change would be carried out, discussions about the order in which Augsburg would prioritize where and how the name would be changed, and more.

Now we are at the point where our new name will start to pop up around campus and in accordance with the name-change rollout plan and timeline. The rollout plan was created to guide work during the name-change swap window, to categorize the types of places our name must be changed, and to prioritize the order in which we would swap our name across thousands of physical and virtual locations.

Remember, the official launch of Augsburg University will be September 1. Then, on September 5, the first day of classes, we will celebrate becoming Augsburg University.

In the meantime, take a look around campus. Check out what’s and what’s underway, including:

  • Department of Public Safety: The newest vehicle in the Department of Public Safety, a Ford sedan, recently had graphics installed that feature our new name. Check out the picture and wave to officers when you see them roll by in this awesome set of Augsburg University wheels!
  • Si Melby Gymnasium: Sneak over to the Si Melby gym. By late this week or early next week, the gym floor is expected to be done. It will sport the Augsburg University name and other updated brand elements. We won’t share all the details here … a little suspense can be a good thing when it comes to showing off our Auggie pride.
  • Monument Signs: Augsburg received the final permit approval to begin construction on five monument signs around campus. Demolition of existing signs will begin soon, followed by construction of the new signs which will be brick, textured aluminum, and vinyl lettering. The three signs that will be on Riverside Ave. will be positioned in a way that makes them more visible from the street than the current monument signs.
  • Edor Nelson Field: Staff from MarComm are now meeting with stakeholders to share information and gather input for consideration in rebranding Edor Nelson Field.

Thanks for your excitement–and patience–as we get ready to start the next academic year as Augsburg University. More information about the University Name Change can be found on this website, including a timeline for the roll out of our new name and more.