Mark Your Calendar: Celebration of ‘Augsburg University’ on September 5

[Updated August 21, 2017]

With only weeks to go before Augsburg officially becomes “Augsburg University,” many more visual proof of this historic change are becoming apparent. Banners float above the sidewalks throughout campus by Music Hall, between Lindell Library and Oren Gateway Center, and down Riverside Avenue. Soon, signage on top of Mortensen Hall will be lit so travelers on Interstate 94 will see “Augsburg University” illuminating the night sky.

As we enter the final weeks before we change officially are recognized as Augsburg University, we want to encourage all faculty, staff, and students to save the date for a kick-off celebration on September 5, the first day of class for our incoming students.

The day will include traditional and new experiences for the full community and is intended to be a festival-like atmosphere. The schedule includes:

  • 9:20 a.m. Opening Convocation Line Up
    • Faculty are asked to line up at 9:20 a.m. to applaud students as they process into Hoversten Chapel for the Opening Convocation.
  • 9:30 a.m. Opening Convocation in Hoversten
    • The Opening Convocation, for incoming students and AugSem leaders, is starting earlier than previous years to accommodate the 10:30 a.m. festival in the Quadrangle. 
    • To ensure adequate seating for incoming first-year students, Aug Sem leaders/faculty & platform party guests, Augsburg community members and guests will be invited to view the event via livestream in Sateren Auditorium (or you can watch from any computer or mobile device via the Augsburg YouTube or Facebook channels).
  • 10:20 a.m. Line Up for Recessional
    • Faculty and staff who watched the livestream in Sateren and/or are elsewhere on campus are encouraged to congregate outside of Foss and on the sidewalk along 22nd Avenue by 10:20 a.m. to welcome our incoming class as they recess from the event and to kick off the name change activities with some special performances!
  • 10:30 a.m. Kick-Off Celebration
    • Everyone is invited to the Quadrangle for a celebration! Food stations will be set up throughout the Quadrangle. Community members will be able to have Augsburg University logo t-shirts screen printed onsite, participate in a photo-booth, make hygiene kits for the Health Commons, and check out a special “reveal” on Christensen Center. Large-party format games, stilt walkers, and more are part of the celebration.
  • 11:30 a.m.  Formal Program 
    • Augsburg University President Paul Pribbenow will provide a formal welcome to students and officially launch Augsburg University.
  • 1 p.m. First-Year Student Service Projects

Please plan to join first-year and other new Auggies, faculty, and staff to celebrate the day and to kick-off the 2017-18 academic year!

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Be Part of the United Unveiling of Augsburg University in Electronic and Social Media

Updating Department Inside Augsburg Pages, Social Media, and Engage Blogs

The new social media profile photos are designed to fit in Twitter and Facebook, and can be used for other social media, as well. They can be downloaded on the Style Guidelines page.

We’re getting so close to September 1 when we officially will be known as “Augsburg University!”  With that in mind, now is the time to block time on your calendar to update your department’s Inside Augsburg pages, Engage Blogs, and department social media accounts.

To help with the transition of your department’s social media accounts, MarComm staff has developed some branded profile and cover photos designed for use on Facebook and Twitter, but also appropriate for other social media platforms, too.

We’re asking that official academic and staff departments, and chartered student organizations, select from among these profile and cover photos to launch your official social media accounts as Augsburg University. We hope to kick off the new academic year with a unified show of force around our branded images. Doing so will reinforce to our public audiences — prospective students and their families, alumni, corporate and foundation partners, and lawmakers — that we are a cohesive, unified community.

MarComm staff already converted top-tier, official social media accounts held by Augsburg. This work was done in advance of other departments to understand any kinks in the changes and so that if your department needs assistance, we are more readily available to help you.

MarComm staff will be available to design customized profile photos for social media. Details are below.

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Pre-Order Name Badges, Envelopes by August 11

Faculty and staff who wish to order new name tags, business cards, and letterhead can do so using their department budgets.

  • Name Badges: Order and pre-order by August 11 for delivery the last week of August.
  • Business Cards and Letterhead: Details are being worked out.
  • Envelopes: Order by August 11 for delivery on August 24.

To order, visit the Central Services Ordering Site.

University Name Change: Augsburg Logos Now Available, Mortensen Hall Signage Nears Completion

A worker installs the new Augsburg University signage on Mortensen Hall.

The new, official Augsburg University logos now are available to faculty and staff for download by visiting the Marketing and Communication area of the Inside Augsburg website. Several variations are available for use on all printed materials, department websites, University merchandise, and campus signage.

It is important that the new logos, variations, and symbols replace all previously used logos and symbols. Visit Marketing and Communication at for details on:

  • Use of the Augsburg University logo, symbols, and variations
  • Augsburg University Brand Style Guide (guidelines)
  • Augsburg University Spirit Graphics Usage Guide
  • Use of the Augsburg University Seal
  • Augsburg University colors and Pantone numbers
  • Augsburg Typography
  • Prohibited Uses of University Logo
  • Desktop Publishing Document Templates such as letterhead and presentations
  • Web Style Guide

Questions can be directed to the Office of Marketing and Communication.

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University Name Change: Mortensen Hall ‘Augsburg University’ Sign

The original signs on top of Mortensen Hall, and that said “Augsburg College” and “Augsburg,” were removed during the week of July 17.

Now that the letters are removed, the sign facing will be patched and repainted maroon. This is anticipated to take place July 27 and 28.

Following patching and painting, the new signs — “Augsburg University” and the Cross A — will be installed using a crane. This work currently is scheduled for July 30 and 31. Renderings of the new signs that will be installed can be seen in the Update titled “University Name Change: Monument Signs, Top of Mortenson.”

Please note that all schedules are weather- and equipment-dependent and things could be pushed out a bit.

University Name Change: Monument Signs, Top of Mortensen

This is a rendering of the new design for the Augsburg University monument signs that will be built at key locations on the Minneapolis campus.

In fewer than 60 days, we officially will be Augsburg University.

Last week, department heads received email information specific to their department about the University Name Change. Please be sure to undertake this work so that our campus is transformed by September 1. Some of the major steps that department heads need to implement on behalf of the community include blocking time on calendars between August 28 through September 1 to implement the changes for which your department is responsible and reviewing your department’s University Name Change Checklist and download the University Name Change Master Task Tracker to track your implemented name changes

This is a rendering of the new design for the monument sign at the Rochester teaching site.
The sign on top of Mortensen Hall will look like this on the North and South sides.
The East and West sides of Mortensen Hall will feature the new Augsburg A.

Two University Name Change Help Sessions remain and are a chance to get a project update and to ask any questions about your Department Name Change Checklist, or for any other name-change related queries. Sessions are:

  • August 2, 2017 at 1 p.m.—OGC 100
  • August 23, 2017 at 1 p.m.—OGC 100

Now, here’s a look at what’s new and what’s underway right now!

Monument Signs

Deconstruction of the monument signs began this week. The size and deconstruction of the monument signs requires use of some heavy equipment to remove sign footings, prepare sites for the new signs, and more. For instance, jackhammers are needed to break up the footings and surrounding cement pads and the preparation for new signs may require the use of trenching equipment for electricity to the new signs, which will be lit. The most complex monument sign removal and installment is at the intersection of 8th Street and 20th Avenue, by Luther Hall. This site requires some regrading of the land near and around the sign.

Once the old signs are removed, new footings will be installed and is anticipated to take several weeks. Of course, this kind of work is weather dependent.  

A monument sign at the Rochester teaching site also will be replaced and work is underway to coordinate the removal of the current sign and installation of the new one.

Please be careful, as always, when approaching any construction area and use extreme caution if you are in the area of any construction work. We all have a responsibility to look out for our own safety and with so much construction throughout campus, this is as important as ever.

Top of Mortensen Hall

The current letters on top of Mortensen Hall and that say “Augsburg” and “Augsburg College” are anticipated to be removed by the end of the week of July 17. This work may require the use of a crane to safely take the letters off the building and to load  them into a truck for removal from campus.

Once the letters are removed, the facing will be repainted maroon. Then the new signage will be installed, again with the use of a crane.

At this time, we do not have firm dates for when this work will take place. Just know that if you see the crane near Mortensen Hall, it is on campus for this work. As with the monument sign work, this work is weather dependent and cannot be done in rain or if there are high winds.

Thank You

The University Name Change Project is a major undertaking that depends upon the full community’s support and participation. Thanks to all who have participated in the University Name Change Information Meetings and to department heads for their leadership of their individual community in carrying out the tasks required to meet our goal of transforming to Augsburg University by September 5.

Review, Implement Your ‘Augsburg University Department Name Change Checklist’

There’s no doubt that much work has been underway around campus as our community readies to become “Augsburg University” on September 1 … campus-wide meetings to discuss the timeline and process for the switch, work to create a new logo and other brand-related visual identifiers, installations of new graphics on Augsburg vehicles and the gym floor, permitting for new monument signs. The change is quite exciting and reflects our reality, reputation, and promise.

With only about 60 days remaining before we officially are Augsburg University, now is the time for individual departments to start digging into the work needed at the departmental level to ensure our campus is transformed by September 1. Some of the major steps that our community needs to take were detailed in an update posted May 25 and included discussion of key dates, physical items, an inventory of items, department checklists, ordering items, access to graphics, and managing department websites and/or blogs, social media, voicemail, email and more.

Block Time on Your Calendar

One of the most important things you can do right now to ensure that your department achieves the mandatory name change work is to block time on your calendar between August 28 through September 1 to implement the changes for which your department is responsible.

To help the community with the transition, MarComm staff has developed extensive databases, tracking tools, timelines, and throughout the past six months has held individual and group meetings with all stakeholders. MarComm will continue to be available at three remaining Name Change Help Sessions, listed at the end of this blog posting, but it is imperative that the full community plan for the name change, including setting aside time to implement the changes for which your department is responsible, as it will be difficult for our limited team to address a myriad of issues if items aren’t addressed early enough in the process. Continue reading “Review, Implement Your ‘Augsburg University Department Name Change Checklist’”

Si Melby Gymnasium Floor Complete

Things are getting real, real fast and the Augsburg University name change is well underway. Large-scale physical installations and changes continue to appear. Perhaps the most exciting change in recent days is the completion of the Si Melby Gymnasium floor.

The Si Melby Gymnasium floor includes the new University spirit mark, the words “Augsburg University,” and the Minneapolis skyline.

As you know, all the work that has taken place, that is underway, and that is yet to be undertaken is being done according to a work plan meant to prioritize and guide this exciting and important work.

Recent work includes:

  • Si Melby Gymnasium: The gymnasium floor is finished. If you haven’t been to the gym, stop waiting and scoot on over there! The floor features our new name and updated spirit mark. Thanks to thoughtful and intentional design that supports our key messaging, the floor also showcases the Minneapolis skyline. It’s a way to underscore our urban location and our pride in being part of the City of Minneapolis. Be sure to climb the risers so you can enjoy the full impact of the new design!

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‘Augsburg University’ starting to show up around campus

The newest vehicle for the Department of Public Safety sports the name “Augsburg University.”

Things are changing around campus, Auggies. You already know that last March, members of Augsburg Corporation approved a resolution to change our name from “Augsburg College” to “Augsburg University.” But, just in case you missed it, you can read about that on the News and Media blog.

Lots has been going on since that resolution passed … meetings to discuss how the name change would be carried out, discussions about the order in which Augsburg would prioritize where and how the name would be changed, and more.

Now we are at the point where our new name will start to pop up around campus and in accordance with the name-change rollout plan and timeline. The rollout plan was created to guide work during the name-change swap window, to categorize the types of places our name must be changed, and to prioritize the order in which we would swap our name across thousands of physical and virtual locations.

Remember, the official launch of Augsburg University will be September 1. Then, on September 5, the first day of classes, we will celebrate becoming Augsburg University.

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University Name Change: Next Steps for Augsburg Community

Effective September 1, 2017, Augsburg will become known as “Augsburg University.” This historic name change was adopted last spring when the Augsburg Corporation, our governing body of representatives of four synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, adopted a resolution to change our name.

For our community, this change is exciting because it reflects our reality, reputation, and our promise. But, as with any change, this one brings with it a range of work that has been underway for the past 18 months and is at the point where it requires all members of our community to pitch in as we work to update legal documents, public-facing information, and on-campus references to our name.

What follows is information meant to help our community—faculty and academic departments, staff and administrative departments—better understand what role each of us must play to ensure that our new name is implemented and adopted by September 5 when classes resume for the fall term.

Faculty and Academic Departments, Staff and Administrative Departments

Key Dates: Staff from MarComm have been working during the past 18 months to prepare for the Augsburg name change approved by the Board of Regents and Augsburg Corporation. The Project Implementation timeline, which provides an overview of key task areas and work underway, is available in the Timeline section of this site.

Physical Items

Beginning in mid- to late-May, the Augsburg community will see physical changes start to take place across campus. As of this writing, the Si Melby gymnasium floor is in the process of being refinished and should be complete by early June. We’ve also started the process of updating some of our other most visible, externally facing items—many of which require extensive permitting and involvement from local administrative agencies.

Over the course of the summer, the planning team will be working with the proper agencies to get the necessary approvals and permits with the goal of beginning the installation of the updated monument signs by early June. The update to the top of Mortensen will likely begin mid-summer (provided that permitting proceeds as planned). We will post updates on these projects as they become available.

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