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FAQ: Alumni

This page provides information about questions Augsburg alumni may have about the name change.

Alumni Board among many stakeholders consulted

Augsburg conducted a range of stakeholder interviews prior to considering the name “Augsburg University.” Discussions were broadly held with many stakeholders, including the Alumni Board, the Board of Regents, the University Council (a committee of faculty, staff, and students that serves as advisory to the president), Day Student Government, Faculty Senate, and faculty and staff.

Focus groups were held with individuals representing core prospective student groups—high school students, their counselors and parents, people considering returning to complete their bachelor’s degrees, and those considering pursuing master’s degrees.

Whether you change your résumé to reflect “Augsburg University” is up to you

It’s up to you whether you change your résumé and LinkedIn profile from “Augsburg College” to “Augsburg University.”

Protocol allows graduates who completed their education during the time the school was Augsburg College to retain that name on a resume or to switch to the current name. To avoid confusion, you may consider “Augsburg University (formerly Augsburg College),” although that decision is yours to make.

There shouldn’t be any negative outcome from retaining “Augsburg College” on your résumé or LinkedIn profile if that was the official name of the school at the time you graduated. By the same measure, though, you can opt to update your resume and LinkedIn profile to the new, official name, after September 1, 2017.

Option available to replace your diploma

Beginning September 5, 2017, alumni can choose to buy a replacement diploma from the Registrar’s Office that says “Augsburg University.”

All diplomas will say “Augsburg University” beginning September 5, 2017.

All orders must be placed online. For more information, including pricing and shipping options, go to

Join us for Homecoming, the first as ‘Augsburg University’

Augsburg will celebrate Homecoming 2017 as “Augsburg University” this October. We hope you will join us! Learn more about the schedule for Homecoming 2017 and register now!