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FAQ: Campus Partners

Sample letters for vendors, grantees, others

This section of the site contains templates that members of the Augsburg community can download and customize to communicate with community partners, agencies, and others.

Information about the impact of the name change on can be found via the links below.

Sample communication for vendors, partners, agencies, others

A draft communication about the change of name from Augsburg College to Augsburg University made effective September 1, 2017, is available. The draft letter contains information about the timing of the name change; reminds recipients that our contact information for departments, faculty and staff has remained the same; includes an optional paragraph about the background of the name change; and includes a link to more information. Access the letter, “Sample Communication for Vendors, Partners, Agencies, Others.”

Sample letter for Grantees

A number of Augsburg faculty and staff regularly work with granting agencies to seek funding for faculty research, student research, and innovative staff programming. Many of these agencies are likely to need notification of the name change. Download a draft letter you can customize according to your needs at “Sample Letter for Grantees.”