Be Part of the United Unveiling of Augsburg University in Electronic and Social Media

Updating Department Inside Augsburg Pages, Social Media, and Engage Blogs

The new social media profile photos are designed to fit in Twitter and Facebook, and can be used for other social media, as well. They can be downloaded on the Style Guidelines page.

We’re getting so close to September 1 when we officially will be known as “Augsburg University!”  With that in mind, now is the time to block time on your calendar to update your department’s Inside Augsburg pages, Engage Blogs, and department social media accounts.

To help with the transition of your department’s social media accounts, MarComm staff has developed some branded profile and cover photos designed for use on Facebook and Twitter, but also appropriate for other social media platforms, too.

We’re asking that official academic and staff departments, and chartered student organizations, select from among these profile and cover photos to launch your official social media accounts as Augsburg University. We hope to kick off the new academic year with a unified show of force around our branded images. Doing so will reinforce to our public audiences — prospective students and their families, alumni, corporate and foundation partners, and lawmakers — that we are a cohesive, unified community.

MarComm staff already converted top-tier, official social media accounts held by Augsburg. This work was done in advance of other departments to understand any kinks in the changes and so that if your department needs assistance, we are more readily available to help you.

MarComm staff will be available to design customized profile photos for social media. Details are below.

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