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Name change was completed on September 5, 2017

Since the Augsburg Corporation has adopted a resolution to change our name to “Augsburg University” effective September 1, 2017, a team of staff worked to implement the change.

Members of the internal planning team gathered information in a campus-wide inventory database that will be used to develop and prioritize the name-change transition plan, as shown in the image below.


Project Implementation Timeline. This graphic is a summary of the content on this page, which can be found below.
Augsburg staff have been working since October 2016 to build an implementation plan for the name change from “Augsburg College” to “Augsburg University.” This chart is meant to provide an overview of the main categories of work associated with the project.

Information Sessions

During January and February 2017, the planning team held a series of informational meetings for faculty, staff, and students to discuss the timeline for the transition, talk about social media changeovers, and more. The team scheduled an additional series of informational meetings for March and April 2017, and then a series of social media transition work sessions for the summer.

Information about each series of meetings was posted to A-mail.

Department Transitions

The team worked with appropriate faculty and staff to transition items that are not specific to a particular department—things such as campus signage, banners, and vinyl wall graphics, to name a few examples. Some of these items began to transition as early as March or April 2017, with the majority of changes happening during a designated “Name Change Swap Window” of May 1 to September 5, 2017.

Department-specific items—such as forms or documents that academic and staff departments use for record-keeping or business purposes, photos or graphics inside department offices—were the responsibility of individual departments to update. That said, the planning team wanted to include those items in the inventory and build those items into the transition plan and budget. The planning team worked directly with academic and staff department to develop an appropriate timeline, provide the necessary graphic files when they are available, and assist with new designs, as necessary.

If there are items in academic or staff area that require a timeline longer than the designated “Swap-Window” (May 1- September 5, 2017) to complete, please contact Jodi Collen at to discuss your needs.

Inventory Database

Beginning in late 2015, the internal planning team began to compile a real-time inventory of items that will need to be updated as part of the transition. This information has been gathered by a combination of physical inventories, meetings with department heads and campus leaders, and information supplied by members of the community.  With that said, this in a fluid document and it is likely that there are missing items.

We encourage Augsburg faculty and staff to log on to Inside Augsburg and then look through the Name Change Inventory Database, especially the items noted that pertain to faculty and staff departments/areas. You must be logged on to Inside Augsburg to access the database. Please let the Planning Team know if there are items that we may have missed for your faculty or staff department using the Name Change Information Gathering Form. As with the database, you must be logged in to Inside Augsburg to submit information through this form.

Name Change Information Gathering Form

If faculty, staff, or student organizations identify items that need to be added to the database for consideration, please submit them using the Name Change Information Gathering Form. You must be logged in to Inside Augsburg to submit information through this form. A member of the planning team will connect with you if there are questions.

Project Implementation Timeline

The internal team has been working since October 2016 to develop a project implementation timeline, which is shown on this page.

During October 2016, the Board of Regents met and voted in favor of the name change. From October until December 2016, the internal working team began compiling a detailed inventory of all physical markers on campus that say “Augsburg College” and started to meet individually with academic and staff departments to talk about what the name change could mean.

Following the January 2017 meeting of the Board of Regents, the working team held three informational meetings and began the work of gathering budget estimate information. At the same time, the working team started to build out the final implementation plan for the name change. Some of the work that is underway is expected to go through May 2017, particularly fine-tuning of the budget, implementation of the name change, and distribution of instructions to the community on how to go about “swapping” the name out.

On March 2, 2017, the Augsburg Corporation adopted a resolution to support the name change to “Augsburg University.” Since the name change was approved, the working team has been executing the implementation plan. The swap window for the work, which began with large-scale installations as the first tier of work, was expected to run through August 2017.

On April 28, 2017, the Board of Regents approved the budget for fiscal year 2018. Beginning sometime in May 2017, the work team began to implement the name change on Tier 2 and Tier 3 items. As with Tier 1 items, these change outs ran through August 2017. Beginning in roughly June or July, the work team began to assist internal academic and staff departments with name change implementations (Tier 4), while also beginning the work of transitioning social media properties to the new name.

An official celebration and launch of “Augsburg University” took place at the Opening Convocation on September 5, 2017 and kicked off several months of general celebration through fall Corporation and Board of Regents meetings, Homecoming, and the opening of our newest academic building, the Hagfors Center, in early 2018.