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The Minnesota Urban Debate League

Two Minnesota Urban Debate League Students smiling with medals

The MNUDL’s Response to COVID-19

Please see our COVID-19 updates here. We are now offering fully virtual programming for our high school national topic policy debate program. Want to help make it happen? Donate to our Virtual Learning Supply Drive to ensure all debaters get access to quality headsets and other necessary supplies while distance learning.

Stay well, stay encouraged, and stay at home when you can. We’ll get through this together. For any program-related questions during this time, please contact us at

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Voice. Power. Change.

The Minnesota Urban Debate League (MNUDL) is a program of Augsburg University which provides resources and programming to support competitive academic debate in Twin Cities high schools and middle schools.

The mission of MNUDL is to empower students through competitive academic debate to become engaged learners, critical thinkers, and active global citizens who are effective advocates for themselves and their communities. Currently, MNUDL serves more than 1,200 students at 40 partner schools and has seen sustained growth in student participation since its inception in 2004.

The Augsburg Promise Scholarship

Because of our partnership with Augsburg University, debaters for the MNUDL can uniquely benefit from the Augsburg Promise Scholarship. Incoming first-year students will receive the total cost of tuition (does not include fees, room, or board) through grants if they meet the following criteria:

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • Pell Grant eligible
  • Debate for 2 or more years for a MNUDL partner high school