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Evidence & Teacher Guides

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General Materials

Social Emotional Learning Materials

Anatomy of Debate Evidence (why it is formatted the way it is and what you can change)

Full activities packet

Core tournament schedule:

Date(s) Tournament Name Host Format
10/3/20 Rosemount Invitational Rosemount Virtual
10/9/20 & 10/10/20 University of Minnesota MNUDL / UMN Virtual
10/24/20 Northside Invitational MNUDL / Patrick Henry Virtual
11/6/20 & 11/7/20 Rosebowl Roseville Virtual
11/13 & 11/14 Highland Park UMN / Highland Park Virtual
11/21 UMBrooks MNUDL / UMN Virtual

Please also join us for the Citywide Championships tournament on December 11th & December 12th! This will determine which teams qualify to attend the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues Championship Tournament.

Full tournament calendar (including core and non-core tournaments). Note: the MNUDL does CX debate.

Evidence packets


Rookie Evidence – TBA 

Closed Novice

  • Academic Curriculum – This is the curriculum you can use to teach your students the Novice packet! It includes lesson plans, resources, and activities!
  • Current Year Files 2019-2020 – This is the evidence for the Novices. Novices should only use the evidence in this file and not do their own research! If you need printed copies of the packet please let Jake or Jenna know.
  • Closed Novice Guidelines – These are the rules for using the Novice Evidence (what is allowed, what is not allowed, etc). Please look these over and make sure your students are not going outside the rules!

Rollout dates:

  • Wave 1 – Jamboree (9/23)
    • Basic Affirmatives and Disadvantages
  • Wave 2 – UMN (10/4)
    • Basic Counterplan and Kritik
  • Wave 3 – Roseville (10/25)
    • Booster pack for the Affirmatives and Disadvantages
  • Wave 4 – Concordia (11/1)
    • Will be pretty small booster set for Counterplan and Kritik

Open Novice

Open Novice Evidence – TBA 

Open Novice Guidelines – TBA

Junior Varsity & Varsity

  • Open Evidence – This site has a lot of evidence on this year’s topic. You can find camp files and other uploaded files sorted by argument and argument type. Great for starting research or finding new arguments to try!
  • HS Debate Wiki – You can find what arguments other teams are using plus their cites on this website! It’s a great place to look at what the most successful teams are running or just browse around to find something that interests you. If you are in varsity you should upload your argument citations to this page also!