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MN Urban Debate students

Primary Coaching Resources

Spring 2020 Evidence





Guide to the MS Evidence Packet

This Evidence Guide will help you understand the concepts of the evidence packet. Also see the Debate FAQs for questions.

Speaker Point Rubric

In a debate round, judges will score each debater individually on their presentation, quality of arguments, responsiveness to their opponents’ arguments, and use of evidence. This is the rubric that judges will use to assign those scores.

You can use the rubric to get a sense of which division is appropriate for a students. Debaters who are getting mostly 1’s should be in the Rookie Division. Students receiving mostly 1’s and 2’s should be in the Novice Division. Students who are receiving mostly 2’s and 3’s should be in the JV Division. Students who are receiving mostly 3’s and 4’s should be in the Varsity Division.

Argument Limits

This Argument Limits Document outlines which arguments will be allowed in which divisions, and contains a link for each type of argument to the relevant portion of the Guide to the Evidence Packet. Both coaches and students are responsible for knowing which arguments are allowed in their division.

How to Use or Modify Evidence

Because evidence is the basis of a good debate, it is helpful to make sure students are using the evidence in the same way. To keep every debate clear and balanced for the students, we have developed this Anatomy of Evidence Document with the guidelines and conventions of evidence use in policy debate.