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The Lutefisk Dinner gatherings: Looking back over the years

1984—At the Lutefisk Dinner at West Immanuel Lutheran Church, (left to right) Lori Christianson, Ruth Helland, Phil Quanbeck ’50, Jim Pederson ’56

(Left to Right) Phil Quanbeck ’50 and Paul Sonnack

(Left to Right) Jalmer Pederson (Jim and Dwight’s father), Joel Torstenson ’38, Fran Torstenson

(Left to Right) Ruth Helland, Phil Helland ’42, Bernie Benson, Tom Benson ’56

1984 — At the log cabin on the Pederson farm, (left to right) Joel Torstenson ’38, Carl Chrislock ’37, Harlan Christianson ’57, Ralph Sulerud

2001 – Elaine and Jim Pederson ’56 beside the 125-year-old pot-bellied stove from the original Pederson farmhouse

2002 — At the log house gathering before the Lutefisk Dinner, (left to right) Charles Evavold ’56, Judy (Fosse) ’61 and Neal Snider ’57, Joanne (Joski) Evavold ’62, Jim Pederson ’56

2002 — Auggies at West Immanuel Lutheran Church, (Front row, kneeling, left to right) Dwight Pederson ’60, Harlan Christianson ’57, Erwin Christenson ’58, Rod Erickson ’56, Elaine Pederson; (Middle row, left to right) Karin (Sabo) Mantor ’86, Julie Sabo ’90, Joanne (Joski) Evavold ’62, Judy (Fosse) Snider ’61, Gertrude (Kemmer) Sulerud ’58, Jan (Anderson) Rykken ’54, Valborg (Gilseth) Chrislock ’40, Mary Lou (Baker) Christenson ’61, Martin Sabo ’59; (Back row, left to right) Ralph Sulerud, Kirk Pederson ’87, Charles Evavold ’56, Neil Snider ’57, —- , Jim Pederson ’56, David Rykken ’53, Harold Reistad ’56

2003 — At the Lutefisk Dinner, West Immanuel Lutheran Church, (left to right) Rod Erickson ’56, Barbara (Olson) Dettle ’59, Grace (Kemmer) Sulerud ’58, Ralph Sulerud

(left to right) Joanne (Joski) Evavold ’62, Elaine Pederson, Jim Pederson ’56, Lori Christianson

2006 — (left to right) David and Margaret Anderson Kelliher join colleague Martin Sabo ’59 and Vern Sommerdorf at the log house gathering before dinner.

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