Out-of-the-box Auggies

On paper, Augsburg College looks a lot like most other liberal arts colleges. We have similar courses, departments, and programs. We teach students to think critically and to lead responsibly in the world, which is what other schools also aim to do. And our students, staff, and faculty don’t look much different than those at the big school across the street or the small campuses across the river.

But in person we look and act differently. At Augsburg, we try to put our own creative spin on things and to look at issues from different perspectives.

For example, this year some of our first-year students and a group of faculty spent an entire semester working together on a big problem in our first “I-Term.” In another example, students in the Honors program create their very own courses, write and edit their own scholarly journal, and together shape their own learning environment. And, one of our alums has found a very creative way to do community service while also running a thriving business.

The stories in this issue represent just a few of the “out-of-the-box” programs, people, and partnerships that make us uniquely Augsburg.

student in honors class HONORS — The Honors program consists of a combination of classes, students, structure, and a whole lot of creativity. Read the story >
NEIGHBORHOOD — Working closely with Cedar-Riverside and Seward residents is just one of the ways we live out our vocation to serve our neighbors. Read the story >
picture of chalkboard I-TERM — 50 students, 5 professors, 1 big problem. Last fall’s I-Term students discussed three big challenges in the non-graded Fate of the Earth course. Read their story >
picture of Jacquie Berglund FINNEGANS — As a student, Jacquie Berglund ’87 dreamed of helping the working poor. Today her sense of vocation drives her to take leaps of faith that make life better for others. Read her story >
picture of Adam Spanier IGNITE — What’s a great way to engage alumni? Introduce them to current students who have similar majors or interests and let them swap stories. In the end, everyone benefits. Read the story >

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