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Meet Our Augsburg Fund callers

Twice a year, in September and in February, the Augsburg Fund student callers make phone calls to alumni asking them to donate to the Augsburg Fund. Their goal is to raise $130,000 this fiscal year—funds that meet the current needs

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Supporting the home team

By Wendi Wheeler ’06 Last season, he didn’t make any three-point shots, pull down any rebounds, or have any assists on the court. But Roger Griffith ’84, executive vice president of the Minnesota Lynx, did have a great season—in part

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Developing individual agency to transform our world

By Susan O’Connor Higher education is often viewed as separate from the public arena, something accessible to a few and beneficial to only the individual. However, higher education greatly impacts the public good, and that impact is the true mission

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Arts-based civic dialogue

By Sarah Myers Arts programs in higher education are all the more vibrant when a wealth of voices and bodies come together to create and discuss work. Community-engaged performance is progressive pedagogy; it’s theater by, for, of, and about the

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From complexity to compassion

By Coline Irvine In his book My First Summer in the Sierra, John Muir offered a sentiment which, more than 100 years later, represents as good a justification for higher education in contemporary society as one is likely to find

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Bob Bagley writes about Mario Colacci

My Mentor, Professor, and Friend By Pastor Robert Bagley ’58 I know some insights into Dr. Colacci’s earliest life at Augsburg because he told me his story as I drove him for many Sunday afternoons my freshman year. He did

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Augsburg: agent and architect of democracy and steward of place

By Gary Hesser The following stories represent the foundation for this sixty plus year history in which Augsburg has served its local and wider communities as an “agent and architect of democracy and steward of place.” [Other examples can be

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Citizen nurses: A unique perspective on health

By KATIE CLARK In our society today, people have become so medicalized that we often forget that health is not about the absence of disease but a place of belonging. At Augsburg College, the Department of Nursing has focused on

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At the crest of a wave

By Harry C. Boyte For many years, Augsburg, with its mission of educating students to be “informed citizens, thoughtful stewards, critical thinkers, and responsible leaders,” has resisted forces turning higher education into a private benefit rather than a public good.

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Higher education as a public good

In January, Augsburg joined the White House Office of Public Engagement, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the U.S. Department of Education, other education organizations, philanthropies, and businesses in launching the American Commonwealth Partnership (ACP) to begin a year

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