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Two students with masks on holding their phones showing off their ASAC pop sockets

Augsburg Homecoming (at a distance)

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Homecoming 2020 celebrations looked a little different than previous years. Though social gatherings were restricted, the Augsburg Student Activities Council found creative ways to celebrate with a series of events during the week of September 21—some virtual and some physically distanced:

  • Cider and canvas: Spread out in the quad, students created paintings in the style of artist Bob Ross.
  • Create your own PopSocket: Participants made their own Augsburg-branded phone grip accessories.
  • Drag and lip sync battle: Students competed by submitting videos of themselves lip-syncing to a song.
  • Movie night: The film “Queen & Slim” was screened in the quad.
  • Homecoming royalty coronation ceremony: Homecoming court members were announced and royalty were crowned.

Top image: Students participate in an outdoor event sponsored by the Augsburg Student Activities Council. (Photo by Courtney Perry)

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