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A gift for the future

By Kayla Skarbakka ’09, guest writer Dean Sundquist ’81 has witnessed a few changes to Augsburg’s campus since his days as an undergraduate business major. He describes how, in the campus center during the spring of his senior year, he

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Vocation in an interfaith context

LORI BRANDT HALE is associate professor of religion and director of general education. The following is adapted from devotional thoughts she presented at Augsburg‘s Leadership Council. I think about Augsburg’s mission statement and general education student learning outcomes—a lot. It

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Like father, like daughter — Katie and Karsten Nelson

By Wendi Wheeler ’06 For Katie Nelson ’14, the Augsburg experience is just beginning. But for her dad, Rev. Karsten Nelson ’83, it is simply continuing. When it came time for Katie to consider college, of course her father suggested

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Serving Auggie athletics

By Don Stoner President Pribbenow finishes his term as chair of the MIAC Presidents Council as Professor Tracy Bibelnieks begins her term as chair of the faculty athletic representatives. Jeff Swenson (not pictured) is chair-elect of MIAC’s athletic directors. When

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Spring 2011 Web Extras

2010 International Programs Photo Contest Learning about war and peace Behind the scenes with student research URGO summer research Maggie Pint researched and developed a method for determining the BMI (body mass index) of dogs. Steve Bergquist studied algae growth

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Conflict and learning

By Paul C. Pribbenow As I write this column, there are reports from far and near of conflicts in the world that reflect fundamental questions about our values and aspirations. We have witnessed clashes on the Augsburg campus between different

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Student research at Augsburg

By Wendi Wheeler ’06 It’s not uncommon to associate “research” with a scientific laboratory, microscopes, and tiny glass slides smeared with cells. But research at Augsburg is more than Bunsen burners and petri dishes. Every year students in the natural

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Calculus…and so much more

By Betsey Norgard A dozen or so first-year students in groups of threes and fours are talking, scribbling, erasing, and rewriting equations on the board. The professor watches and offers hints as needed. Two student leaders wander around, pausing to

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Good coffee. Good cause.

By Wendi Wheeler ’06 Augsburg MBA students completed an assignment and got much more than a grade out of it. They got some great coffee and the good feeling that comes from giving back. Wouldn’t it be great if you

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Talking about faith and values

By Wendi Wheeler ’06 While Chris Stedman ’08 was studying religion at Augsburg, he avoided engaging in any conversations about the subject of his beliefs, God, or religion. So how did a student who wouldn’t talk about religion manage to

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