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Augsburg Associates

Augsburg Associates

picture of Augsburg AssociatesThe Augsburg College Associates is a service auxiliary of volunteers including alumni and friends of Augsburg whose mission includes fundraising for special projects and scholarships in support of the College.

Throughout the year, the Associates manage estate and moving sales in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area and host a boutique and buffet for the annual Velkommen Jul celebration at Augsburg. For the past two years, they have also had a booth at the Taste of Augsburg during Homecoming weekend. The Associates have given to Augsburg more than a half million dollars from their fundraising efforts for projects, including:

  • creation of the Welcome Desk in Christensen Center,picture of woman making lefse
  • renovation of the Green Room in Foss Center,
  • renovations of the Augsburg and Marshall rooms in Christensen Center,
  • creation of the Special Collections room in Lindell Library, and
  • purchase of the Dobson pipe organ in Hoversten Chapel.

Thank you, Augsburg Associates, for your commitment to supporting Augsburg and our students!

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