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Available free at the Apple App Store or on Google Play, the Augsburg Gallery tablet edition brings you:

  • Exclusive slideshows and videos
  • Captivating animation
  • Additional content with our web extras
  • Links to the web for more information
  • Tap and scroll navigation
  • Social media engagement
  • Digital storage for all recent issues

Augsburg Gallery App

Current and all previous digital issues of Augsburg Now are moving out of Apple Newsstand and into a new standalone app called “Augsburg Gallery,” offering readers even more dynamic content. This digital experience allows you to interact with the content in a whole new way.

The new Augsburg Gallery app includes the latest issue of Augsburg Now and a special publication called President’s Messages 2012-14. Download it on your iPad or Android tablet; and find past issues of Augsburg Now online at

To find this new app on the Apple App Store search the term Augsburg Gallery. To find the app on Google Play, search “Augsburg Gallery” (with quotation marks).

Past Issues

For an immersive experience, download Augsburg Gallery for iPad on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. For the next best thing, this web viewer allows you to read the Augsburg Gallery publications on your computer desktop.


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Summer 2014

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President's Messages 2012-14

President’s Messages 2012-14




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