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McNair Scholars Program news

McNair Scholars Program grant renewed for five years; students present at national conference

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A group of Augsburg College McNair Scholars and staff attended the 20th Annual McNair Scholars Symposium in California in August. Front Row [L to R]: McNair Scholars Program assistant Lara Crombie, Beau Elkington ’13, Alexandra “Alix” Young ’13, Allison Zank ’14, Nou Yang ’13, Shoua Moua ’13, McNair Scholars Program director Tina Maria Tavera, Nikki Stauffer ’13; Back Row [L to R]: Jazmine Darden ’13, Arianna Genis ’13, Roseanna “Rosie” Benser ’13, Jon Barrick ’13, Charlie Olson ’13, Dustin Ritchea ’13, Leah Tillman ’13, and McNair Scholars Program assistant director Brian Greening

Augsburg College’s McNair Scholars Program recently received a renewal grant for five years. The total award of $1.1 million from the U.S. Department of Education will provide $220,000 per year from 2012 to 2017.

The McNair Scholars Program prepares first-generation, low income, and underrepresented students for doctoral studies. This August, 12 Auggies traveled to the University of California, Berkeley for the 20th Annual McNair Scholars Symposium.

Many of the students presented findings from their faculty-led, on-campus summer research. Students who participate in the McNair Scholars Program spend an average of 400 hours exploring their topics, developing theses, collecting and reviewing data, and preparing formal paper presentations.

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