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Alumna combines creativity and chemistry through career at 3M

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Sherman-VAfter becoming involved with the 3M STEP program as a high school student, Audrey Sherman ’97 [pictured] became an inventor at age 20. Now a scientist with 3M, Sherman is credited with nearly 80 patents, some created with other Augsburg alumni working at the Minnesota-based company.

Sherman’s most recent patent is for a versatile material with the potential to improve cosmetics, insulation wrapping, and electronics. Two of her favorite patents involve using pressure-sensitive adhesives to transport light and making a solvent-free duct tape. She also helped discover a new solution for restickable diaper tape. Sherman feels that her Augsburg minor in art has been an important factor in pursuing her inventions, enabling her to blend creativity with her skills in chemistry. Today she mentors St. Paul high school students interested in science and gives talks to junior-high and middle-school students about careers in science and technology.


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