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Fuel for the finish

Auggies share #MaroonMilestones from academic year

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There is, perhaps, no greater cure for stress than taking a moment to acknowledge the good. As Augsburg students soldiered through the last week of classes this spring—turning in final papers and finishing projects—they also made time to reflect on their achievements in 2016-17. Students posted, tweeted, and shared #MaroonMilestones on social media, and soon a powerful collective story came together. Whether it was winning athletic championships, landing job interviews, or beating cancer, Auggies finished strong.

[Top image]: For those who posted #MaroonMilestones, Augsburg partnered with its food service provider, A’viands, to provide hand-delivered treats and cheerful notes that offered additional fuel for the end of the term, though physics students kept their beverages safely stationed outside the lab!

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