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Side of Science Hall painted with "Small to our Students, Big for the World"

Curb appeal

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It would be overly modest to claim that Augsburg University’s quad now boasts a splash of color. At more than 82 feet wide, the vinyl graphic installed on Science Hall’s eastern-facing facade is nearly impossible to miss. The design pairs an excerpt from Augsburg’s strategic vision statement with vibrant hues chosen to reflect the accent colors on the exterior of the new Hagfors Center for Science, Business, and Religion, which stands northwest of Science Hall and is blocked from view in the quad. One of the priorities outlined in Augsburg’s 2016 campus master plan is to extend the quad from the west edge of campus, through the existing campus core, and on to Murphy Square. This vision requires the demolition of Science Hall, which will be possible only after departments and program offices now housed in the facility relocate following the completion of the Hagfors Center. The timeline for this work is not yet determined, so, in the near term, those strolling through the heart of campus or navigating nearby streets will see Science Hall stand as an illustration of Augsburg’s vision to be “small to our students and big for the world.”

Science Hall Before the Painting
Science Hall After the Painting
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