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Soccer Goalie catches the ball with his new addias jersey on

Auggie Style

Athletics apparel, then and now

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Today Augsburg University’s varsity athletes wear high-performance gear that aligns with their high-caliber capabilities. Many Auggie teams are sporting new uniform styles following Augsburg’s name change and a recent partnership with BIG Athletics to supply athletes with adidas apparel, uniforms, footwear, and accessories over the next five years. Here’s a glimpse at how current styles compare to those worn in years gone by.

Sydnie Zachary shows off the new volleyball jerseys
Sydnie Zachary ’20
Archive photo from 1979 of Julie Reinke playing volleyball when she attended Augsburg University
Julie (Reinke) Roff '82 from 1979
Nikki Nightengale shows off the new hockey jerseys
Nikki Nightengale ’20
Christine Gutterman '99
Christine Gutterman '99 from 1998
Derek Glynn shows off the new football jereseys
Derek Glynn ’20
Archive photot of football player from 1930
Daniel Hedstrom shows off the new soccer jerseys
Daniel Hedstrom ’20
Photo of Mike Kennedy playing soccer when he attended Augsburg University
Mike Kennedy '79
Jada Olson shows off the new womens soccer jerseys
Jada Olson ’20
Archive photo of Becca Studaker playing soccer when she was a student
Becca Studaker '97, '10 MSW, '13 MBA
Donovan Tomony shows off the new baseball jerseys
Donovan Tomony ’21
Jeroy Carlson back in 1949
Jeroy Carlson '48
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