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Students walking on a trail

River Semester 2018

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A group of 15 Augsburg University students, two professors, and two guides departed August 24 in 24-foot voyageur canoes to spend the semester studying, researching, and living on the Mississippi River. The students and their guides are traveling nearly 1,000 miles, making stops to camp at several locations.

The River Semester, led by Associate Professor of Political Science Joe Underhill, is a unique 100-day, hands-on, interdisciplinary program. Students earn 16 credits studying biology, environmental science, health and physical education, and political science. This is Augsburg’s second time conducting the program; the first was in 2015.

Experiential education is a trademark of students’ Augsburg experiences. “We do this because we think this is the best way to learn both about the Mississippi River and about what’s going on out in the world,” Underhill said. Students return to the Twin Cities on December 1.

Students canoeing on the river
Students gathered on shore before going out on the river
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