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President Pribbenow speaking at the Forum event

President Paul Pribbenow shares Augsburg’s Story at the Forum on Workplace Inclusion

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On March 11, Augsburg University’s President Paul Pribbenow (pictured) shared the Augsburg story during a session called, “Hospitality is Not Enough: An Institutional Journey From Diversity to Inclusion and Equity” at The Forum on Workplace Inclusion conference.

Augsburg, home of The Forum on Workplace Inclusion since last summer, is “proud to partner with the forum to help expand diversity, equity, and inclusion skills, so our students can fully participate and succeed in the workforce,” Pribbenow said. The 32nd annual, three-day conference attracted more than 1,500 people from around the world and across sectors.

The Star Tribune recently published an article featuring Steve Humerickhouse, executive director of the forum, in which he explained the importance of creating safe places for difficult conversations.

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