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Focus on faculty: Vivian Feng

by Betsey Norgard The first semester she began college, assistant professor Vivian Feng found herself in a chemistry lab doing research. “That’s what kept me in chemistry,” she says… more >

Focus on faculty: Bill Arden

By Wendi Wheeler ’06 Bill Arden wants Augsburg’s nontraditional students to know he’s been on their side of the desk. The business and MIS professor finished both… more >

Focus on faculty: Darcy Engen ’88

by Betsey Norgard “Here at Augsburg, we’re a college that’s open and right in the middle of the world around us, rather than being closed off,” says theatre… more >

Focus on faculty: David Murr ’92

By Jeff Shelman After a journey that included two years in Tanzania with the Peace Corps, graduate studies at Boston University, post-doctoral work at Dartmouth College, and a year… more >

The personality of place – Gus’ office

By Stephen Geffre In summer 1974, history professor Don “Gus” Gustafson took a paintbrush and a can of green paint and colored his walls to match his personality. Then the… more >

Writing a living faith

By Betsey Norgard Baptisms, confirmation classes, choir pictures, pastor controversies, new buildings—what makes up the history of a congregation? Three Augsburg history professors— Jacqueline deVries, Don Gustafson and Michael… more >

Making peace in the community

By Wendi Wheeler, ’06 Imagine if we were to treat one another as sacred beings. Imagine a community where everyone feels welcomed and respected. The Wakanheza project teaches that there… more >

Sociology shines – the evolution of a department

By Betsey Norgard During the past academic year, the stars seemed to shine on the Sociology Department as faculty received awards and grants, and the department itself was recognized for… more >

Augsburg faculty in focus

By Betsey Norgard, Wendi Wheeler ’06, Jeff Shelman Faculty are at the heart of an Augsburg education. Augsburg’s nearly 200 full-time and more than 200 part… more >

How green is our magazine?

In the process of writing and designing a “green” issue of the Augsburg Now, we asked ourselves what we could do to make the magazine itself more environmentally friendly. Using… more >

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