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President’s Letter

Stewardship of place and people

Stewardship of place and people

The Augsburg College mission statement says that Augsburg “educates students to be informed citizens, thoughtful stewards, critical thinkers, and responsible leaders.” These aspirations for our students require that all of… more >

The Augsburg Promise

The Augsburg Promise

BY PAUL C. PRIBBENOW, PRESIDENT As I recently watched our almost 1,000 graduates of the Augsburg Class of 2012 walk across the stage to receive diplomas, I couldn’t… more >

Innovation and excellence

Innovation and excellence

As I write this, there is much conversation around the country about President Obama’s challenge to colleges and universities to stem tuition increases and make higher education more accessible… more >

On politics and informed citizens

On politics and informed citizens

BY PAUL C. PRIBBENOW, PRESIDENT The creation of the Sabo Center for Citizenship and Learning a few years ago allowed us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life and work… more >

Education off the main road

BY PAUL C. PRIBBENOW, PRESIDENT As I write these words for the summer issue of the Augsburg Now—which includes stories illustrating Augsburg’s vision of educating global citizens… more >

Conflict and learning

By Paul C. Pribbenow As I write this column, there are reports from far and near of conflicts in the world that reflect fundamental questions about our values and aspirations… more >

Welcome home to Augsburg!

By Paul C. Pribbenow We celebrated Homecoming this year in grand fashion, welcoming more than 1,000 alumni, families, and friends at events during the week. I am mindful of… more >

A new mission statement and Commission Augsburg

By  Paul C. Pribbenow Over the past two years, the Augsburg community has been engaged in a lively and rich conversation about our character and identity. Augsburg last modified its… more >

Multiply your mind by giving it away

As this issue of Augsburg Now illustrates, the Augsburg community is engaged in many efforts and initiatives that are best characterized as innovative—or “out-of-the-box,” as they… more >

Teaching, the liberal arts, and paying attention

I had a revelation a few years ago about liberal arts education while listening to a presentation by a religion professor at a small liberal arts college. He described his… more >

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