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How GREEN is Augsburg?

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carrotsCollege initiatives

• American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment—completed the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for 2001-08

• Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities will collaborate on studying urban sustainability

• HourCar hub on campus

• Discounted transit passes

• Reserved carpool parking

• Fair trade items sold in bookstore

• Purchasing enough wind energy to offset electricity

• Friends of the Mississippi River stewardship

• Environmental studies major and minor

• Fall 2009—Fate of the World i-term class

• Campus Kitchen program and community garden

Student-led initiatives

• Led Focus the Nation teach-in—Jan. 2008

• Proposed and passed extra student fees for purchase of wind energy

• Pushed for green vehicle initiative to purchase hybrid security vehicle

• Presented at Campus Compact conference

• Created bike-share program

• Launched composting in dining area

Food service

• Composting program

• Gradual move toward trayless dining, starting with Trayless Tuesdays

• Take-out materials—all corn-based and compostable

• Purchase all produce from a five-state region

• Fair trade coffee available in campus eateries

Internal practices

• Double-sided printing on all campus copiers

• All copy paper on campus—30% post-consumer waste

• Ongoing re-use center

• Recycling of cans, glass bottles, plastic, paper, cardboard, and yard waste

• Recycling for appliances, carpets, furniture, batteries, electronics, ink

• Compostable paper towels in all public restrooms

• Changed all faucets and showers on campus to water-saving fixtures

• Energy-efficient fluorescent lamps in public areas, increasing use of CFL bulbs

• Moving toward 100% “Green Seal” cleaning chemicals

• Display board and fairs to facilitate public transportation

Environmental studies program

• Paddled the Mississippi River to study environmental and river politics

• Built rain gardens to capture runoff

• Researched and wrote an environmental history of

Augsburg College

• Studied, prepared, and served a healthy, local,

sustainable lunch

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